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When Would You Need a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

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When a patient comes in with severe mouth damage, whether it’s due to an accident or late-stage gum disease, full mouth reconstruction is commonly offered as a solution. The reconstruction process involves multiple procedures over many months and ultimately leaves the patient with a fully restored, happy, healthy smile. 

In most cases, the patient in need of a full mouth reconstruction requires a wide variety of treatments due to serious damage. The damage has generally progressed so far that biting, chewing, and speaking have become problematic. Journal Square Dental is a well-established and highly respected dental practice located in New Jersey that is more than equipped to handle your full mouth reconstructive needs. We would love to speak to you today to address any concerns and answer any questions you may have regarding the process. 

Common Situations Requiring Full Mouth Reconstruction

There are two main reasons why patients may need the rejuvenating effects of a full mouth reconstruction. These include: 

Facial Trauma

Facial trauma can range in severity and cause. Whether it’s a broken jaw or an array of avulsed teeth from an auto accident, the trauma can require many different procedures and treatments to fully heal all functionality and aesthetics. A full mouth reconstruction is often a more efficient way of healing the patient’s endured facial trauma and will target all aspects of the injury. 

This includes any broken or weakened bones, any missing teeth, and more. 

Gum Disease

Gum disease is a direct result of improper brushing, flossing, and maintenance of the teeth and gums. When left undisturbed, your teeth will begin to collect plaque. Brushing and flossing disturbs the plaque and prevents it from hardening into tartar, which can collect in your gum pockets and cause gum recession, jawbone weakening, loose teeth, and more. 

A full mouth reconstruction is perfect for those currently battling gum disease, as it will aid both the healing process and the restorative process. Your gum disease will be fully treated and eradicated before the process of placing any dental implants, dental crowns, or other surgical procedures begin. This gives your restorative and cosmetic work the best chance at thriving. 

The Process and Its Benefits

While the process will look different for every client and their specific needs, the benefits and general idea is the same. Your dentist will begin with an initial consultation. Your options will be discussed, as well as your desired outcomes and budget. From there, X-rays and imaging will be completed so your dentist can construct a 3D model of your mouth. This helps them visualize the desired outcome and helps you get a better understanding of what the full mouth reconstruction will look like after everything is complete. 

From there, a treatment plan will be devised. The treatments will be scattered over the course of many months so that your mouth is allowed the time necessary to fully heal. After the reconstruction is complete, your dentist will likely want to schedule a few checkups to make sure everything is healing properly. From there, you will have a fully functional and natural-looking set of teeth to take care of just as you would your regular teeth. 

Daily flossing, brushing, and regularly scheduled visits to your dentist for a professional cleaning are required to maintain the status of your oral health. 

Save Your Questions for a Qualified Dental Professional 

When you partner with Dr. Haig Rickerby of Journal Square Dental, you are putting yourself and your teeth in good hands. Your oral health is our top priority. Our entire team of dental professionals is here to support you through the process and help make the reconstruction as stress-free and painless as possible. 

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