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Invisalign® Dental Services Available at Journal Square Dental

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Understanding Invisalign® and Its Benefits

Crooked teeth and a misaligned bite can be more than just a cosmetic issue. Depending on the severity of your underbite or overbite, you may have a hard time chewing, speaking, and may even chip or crack your own teeth over time. When you have a dentist take a look at your mouth and professionally examine them, they can begin to devise a plan of action to correct your bite and realign your teeth in a way that is both restorative and aesthetically pleasing. Invisalign® looks like a clear retainer and is personally designed to gradually shift your teeth. 

Throughout the process, your dentist will want to schedule regular check ups to look at the progress and replace your retainer with an updated version. Depending on your desired outcome and the initial state of your teeth, the process can take anywhere from six months to a little over a year. The benefits of Invisalign® compared to traditional braces or other straightening methods include: 

  • It requires fewer visits
  • It’s much faster than traditional braces
  • It’s nearly invisible 
  • It’s a comparable cost

To understand if you would specifically make a good candidate for Invisalign®, it is important to schedule an appointment with your dentist today. They can discuss how it works and even show you a model of what your teeth will look like after the process is complete.

Other Forms of Cosmetic Dentistry We Offer in Jersey City

In addition to Invisalign®, Journal Square Dental offers a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures. As part of our Smile Makeover package, we are here to help you reach your desired aesthetic outcome. These procedures can be done in tandem with your Invisalign® and can include the following: 

Teeth Brightening 

For those with discoloration or stained teeth, we offer teeth brightening options to help restore your natural look and color. Over time, even with proper brushing and flossing, your teeth can begin to yellow and fade. Certain foods and activities, like smoking, often expedite this process. Our teeth whitening services remove your surface stains and offer up to eight different shades. 

If you are in need of a dental implant, we will often do your teeth whitening first to ensure your crowns match your newly brightened smile. 

Dental Bonding 

Dental bonding, also known as composite bonding or teeth bonding, is the process of using an adhesion to help repair any chips or cracks in your teeth. The material is very close to that of a filling you would receive for a cavity, though dental bonding is purely a cosmetic procedure. This is a bit of a cheaper option than receiving veneers and helps to achieve the same results. 

With good oral maintenance and occasional touch ups, your dental bonding can help restore the natural look of your teeth. 


If you have crooked teeth, discoloration, or chips, your dentist may discuss the potential benefits of veneers with you. While Invisalign® is designed to straighten your natural teeth, veneers are a custom-made porcelain cap that goes over your teeth. The thin material may require you shave down some of your enamel to provide a natural fit, though sometimes that is not the case. 

Veneers can help fix minor misalignments and small gaps. They are not the best option for someone who needs extensive work on their bite or has very crooked teeth. 

Interested in Invisalign®? Speak to a Knowledgeable Jersey City Dental Professional Today

Crooked teeth can be more than just an aesthetic problem and may cause issues down the line when it comes to maintaining good oral hygiene. Invisalign® is designed to help you achieve great results in a cost-effective and unobtrusive way. The team of dental professionals at Journal Square Dental are here to guide you through the process of deciding what options are best for you, whether it be an Invisalign or other form of restorative or cosmetic dentistry. 

For over 25 years, we have proudly served our community and would love to do the same for you. To schedule an examination and consultation with Dr. Haig today, please call our Jersey City office at (201) 431-0288 or use our online contact form

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