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Smile Makeover

Smile Makeovers Available at Journal Square Dental

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Smile Makeover Consultation

During your initial consultation with Dr. Rickerby, you will discuss your cosmetic goals and he will perform a thorough examination of your teeth and gums. After evaluating your oral health and determining your candidacy for a smile makeover, he will outline the procedures he recommends to achieve the desired results.

At Journal Square Dental, we pride ourselves on thoroughly explaining expected results. You will have the chance to view before and after photos of other patients who have undergone similar treatments. We also have an in-house model and videos to show you the results of procedures such as implant-supported restorations.

With a comprehensive smile makeover, you will enjoy better dental function, improved oral health, and a brighter, more eye-catching smile.

Before your smile makeover begins, we will take “before” pictures (“after” pictures will be taken upon the completion of treatment). We will also take wax mock-ups of your teeth. These mock-ups will be used to create any restorations you may receive, such as porcelain veneers. Dr. Rickerby can address any questions or concerns you have at this time.

Once your treatment plan is established, you will return at a later date to begin the makeover process.

Benefits Of A Smile Makeover

By combining multiple procedures, Dr. Rickerby can entirely redesign your smile. Instead of focusing on individual areas, he can look at the whole picture and choose the right combination of treatments to improve both the function and appearance of your smile.

With a comprehensive smile makeover, you will enjoy better dental function, improved oral health, and a brighter, more eye-catching smile.

Smile Makeover Procedures

Your smile makeover may include some of the treatments listed below. Dr. Rickerby will determine which combination of procedures will help you achieve your cosmetic goals. A smile makeover may include any two or more of the following:

  • Teeth whitening removes surface stains and whitens your smile by as many as eight shades in one treatment. Teeth whitening is typically the first procedure completed, so that any restorations can be matched to your newly brightened smile.
  • Invisalign® uses clear aligners to discreetly correct more complex alignment issues without the use of traditional metal braces.
  • Dental bonding utilizes tooth-colored composite resin to achieve many of the same results as porcelain veneers at a more affordable cost.
  • Dental implants may be used to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth. Dental implants prevent bone loss to improve oral health and provide a stable, permanent foundation for bridges and dentures.
  • Porcelain veneers are custom-made shells of porcelain that fit over the front of the teeth to conceal intrinsic stains, reshape teeth, correct minor misalignment, and fill in small gaps.

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Dr. Rickerby can dramatically transform your smile’s appearance with a comprehensive smile makeover.

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Dr. Rickerby is currently an assistant professor at NYU’s School of Dentistry and has been a member of the American Academy of General Dentistry, National Dental Association, Commonwealth Dental Society, and the New Jersey Dental Association since 1987.

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