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Restorative Dentistry in Jersey City, NJ

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Restorative Dentistry Can Help Patients Restore A Comfortable, Attractive, Smile

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Restorative Dentistry Available at Journal Square Dental

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The Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry specifically targets areas of your mouth that are no longer functioning the way they should. By targeting the root problem and preserving as much of the natural tooth as possible, restorative dentistry helps with the following: 

  • Restoring natural functionality 
  • Restoring natural look 
  • Restoring natural feel 

Restorative dentistry begins by fixing the cause of the pain and discomfort. For example, if you have tooth rot due to periodontitis, your dentist will first start by stopping the further spread of infection. This may be in the form of a root canal or just a professional cleaning, depending on the severity of your periodontitis. 

After the pain has been addressed and the infection is gone, your dentist will work on fixing the feel and look of your tooth. This can mean getting fitted for a dental crown or even a dental veneer. This is not to be confused with cosmetic dentistry, though there is some overlap between the two practices. After you have completed your restorative procedures, you may consider cosmetic dentistry to help with any leftover discoloration, the shape of your gums, or crooked teeth. 

Different Kinds of Restorative Dentistry Offered in Jersey City, NJ

After your initial examination and consultation, your dentist will map out a plan of attack to get your teeth and gums back to their natural state. This can include a variety of different procedures and cleaning techniques. Some of the more notable and common kinds of restorative dentistry offered in Jersey City include the following:

Tooth Extraction 

The goal of your dentist is always to save as much of the natural tooth as possible. Though dental implants nowadays are just as sturdy as a regular tooth, it is always preferable to keep as much of the original as you can. When the tooth is too infected or rotted to be saved through a root canal or cleaning, your dentist may suggest an extraction. This procedure leaves a gap in your mouth and a socket in your gums. This area will be monitored closely to ensure everything heals smoothly and that you do not end up with a dry socket. 

After your extraction has fully healed, it is important that you begin the next step of the process as soon as possible. Without a dental implant to fill the gap in your mouth, your other teeth can begin to shift. Your jawbone may also weaken, causing your sinuses to sag downwards. Your dentist will set up a full plan of action to prevent this from happening and ensure your extraction is a success. 

Root Canal

A root canal treatment is a form of restorative dentistry that allows your dentist to clean up the infected part of your tooth. They are fairly common and a good way to keep the structural foundation of your tooth intact. Using a local numbing agent, your dentist will clean out any infection or rot from the root canal. 

From there, your tooth will likely be fitted with a dental crown to encompass the shaved down tooth. This will be fitted and formed to the size of your other teeth so that it does not disrupt normal function or bite. A dental crown must be treated in the same fashion as your other teeth, meaning it must be brushed and flossed daily, as well as regular professional cleanings. 

Dental Implants

Whether your tooth was professionally extracted or was lost due to rot or infection, a dental implant will be needed to restore the regular bite of your mouth. It can also help restore weakened jawbone, making chewing not painful, and help with speaking. Your dental implant can vary based on your needs. Your dentist will offer a variety of synthetic materials and explain their unique benefits. 

Given you maintain your implant well, it can last you a lifetime without needing to be replaced. 

Interested in Restorative Dentistry? Speak With a Professional Dental Clinic Today

Nobody should have a hard time chewing or biting down on food. If you are in need of restorative dentistry work, Journal Square Dental is here to help. With over 25 years of experience in the dental field, Dr. Rickerby has happily served the Jersey City community with reliable and efficient services. 


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