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Preventive Dentistry in Jersey City, NJ

Preserve Your Smile With Journal Square Dental Preventive Dentistry in Jersey City, NJ

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Preventive Dentistry Services in Jersey City, NJ

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Understanding Preventative Dentistry

Dentistry can traditionally be broken down into three separate categories: preventative, restorative, and cosmetic. Restorative dentistry is focused on restoring the natural function of your teeth and mouth, cosmetic dentistry is focused on the aesthetics of your mouth, and preventative dentistry is focused on the maintenance of good oral health. Preventative treatments are used to develop good habits when it comes to the care of your teeth, gums, tongue, and mouth. 

Journal Square Dental currently offers a wide range of preventive dental care treatment options, including: 

  • Routine examinations
  • Professional cleanings
  • Help with alignment and bite
  • X-rays
  • Educational instructions on proper maintenance techniques

The goal of preventive dentistry is to preserve your natural tooth look and function for the years to come. 

Why Preventative Dentistry Is Important

Preventative dentistry is arguably the most important aspect of dentistry there is. Instilling good dental habits as early as possible can drastically help reduce the chances of having to spend money, time, and energy on the pain of tooth decay or other mouth traumas in the future. For a better understanding of why preventive dentistry is important, we have put together a guide on how it can potentially benefit you in the future:

Saves Money

When you do not utilize the everyday techniques of brushing and flossing, the bacteria on your teeth can build up. This is known as plaque, and if it is given the chance to sit on your teeth undisturbed, it will harden into tartar. Tartar can spread into the pockets of your gums and cause a plethora of problems that will take lots of money and time to fix. When left untreated, gum disease can go from the early stages of gingivitis to late stage periodontitis. 

Periodontitis is treated through a set of surgical procedures that must be spaced months apart to promote healing. This can cost a lot of money, especially when the gum disease has resulted in weakened bones and avulsed teeth. 

Helps Preserve Natural Teeth

Your natural teeth allow you to chew, bite, and speak regularly. When you are unable to preserve them due to failed or improper maintenance, you run the risk of losing them to rot. If you are battling with periodontitis, you may end up with a weakened jawbone, receding gum line, and loose teeth. 

The pricey treatment for this can involve root canals and other forms of surgical procedures that see your natural teeth being shaved down or replaced with implants. These implants can be sturdy and long-lasting, but will never fully take the place of your natural teeth. 

Saves Time

Preventative dentistry requires regular checkups with your dentist. Once or twice a year, depending on your needs, they will perform an examination and look out for any cavities, receding gum lines, or other problems you may be facing. X-rays can be done to get a clearer picture of the inside of your mouth. These visits are typically short and sweet and only require about an hour of your time. 

When compared to the months and months spent on repeated visits for your restorative dental work, preventive dentistry is a real time saver. Your dentist is also happy to go over the most effective techniques for flossing and brushing so you are doing so in the most time-effective and clean way possible.

Schedule a Preventive Dentistry Appointment in Jersey City, NJ With Journal Square Dental Today

Don’t minimize the importance of preventive dentistry and risk a future of restorative procedures. By taking the time to take care of your smile, you are giving your teeth the best treatment of all. Make the job a little easier by partnering up with a professional dental firm like Journal Square Dental. For over 25 years now, our team has been proud to offer up the expertise and knowledge necessary to make your visits as pain-free and stressless as possible. 

To set up an examination and preventative cleaning now, please call our New Jersey-based office at (201) 431-0288 or use our online contact form.

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