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Removed wisdom tooth

Understanding a Tooth Extraction Procedure

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There are many reasons why a person may need their tooth professionally removed. Also known as an extraction, this process is fairly simple if done by an experienced dentist. Common reasons for getting an extraction include cracking, trauma from an accident, or even dental crowding. There are two main kinds of extraction procedures: simple and surgical. Your dentist can help examine your teeth and decide which is necessary for your unique circumstances. 

If you are in need of a tooth extraction, the best course of action is to partner with a knowledgeable and compassionate dental professional to help talk you through the process and provide you with a pain-free and cost-effective experience. Journal Square Dental has proudly served our community for over 25 years and would love to do the same for you today. 

Breakdown of a Tooth Extraction Procedure

If you are in need of a tooth extraction, it can be a great relief to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. To help relieve some of the associated anxiety that comes with an oral procedure, Journal Square Dental has broken down the procedure for you: 


You will begin the process with a thorough examination and consultation of your mouth. Your dentist’s top priority is to maintain your mouth’s overall functionality and aesthetic. If you are having toothaches, your dentist can identify the underlying cause. In the case of a cracked or decaying tooth, extraction may be the best course of action. This can also be the case for those who are experiencing overcrowding, shifting, or misalignment. 

Once extraction has been identified as the best course of treatment, your dentist will help you schedule an appointment to have the procedure completed. 


Your dentist will begin by numbing the area with an anesthetic injection. This is critical to creating a pain-free atmosphere. From here, the extraction will be performed. Depending on the current status of the tooth, the actual removal process can vary. For a fairly healthy tooth being removed due to overcrowding, forceps and a tool known as an elevator will be used. For deeply impacted teeth or teeth that are cracked and in fragments, your dentist may need to make an incision. 

For certain teeth, like wisdom teeth, the extraction process requires a surgical aspect. For this, you will be given an anesthetic that will relieve you of all discomfort. The recovery process for wisdom teeth is a lot longer than that of other simple extractions and will also likely include a prescription for pain medication and specific diet recommendations. 

Post-Extraction Care

For a simple extraction, post-treatment care is fairly simple. It is not uncommon to experience small amounts of bleeding and even some potential swelling around the area of extraction. Your dentist will give you specific instructions on how to treat your area and certain foods or drinks to avoid for a couple of days while the area heals. 

If you experience persistent pain or increased swelling, it is pertinent to reach out to your dentist as soon as possible so they are able to assess the situation and treat any potential problems. 

In Need of a Tooth Extraction? Journal Square Dental Can Help Today

Journal Square Dental understands that dental work can sometimes be overwhelming or even a little scary, and for that reason, we encourage you to reach out to our compassionate and knowledgeable team of dental professionals today. Dr. Haig Rickerby has been a proud member of the New Jersey Dental Association since 1987 and is here to help you get the smile you have always dreamed of. 

To start the extraction process today, please schedule a consultation through our online contact form or by calling our office at (201) 431-0288.