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The Need for Dental Reconstruction After a Car Accident

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Even the slightest of car accidents can result in serious injuries. When you are propelled forward after a collision with another vehicle, your mouth and face are immediately put at risk. Teeth can become dislodged, shift, and even injure other parts of the mouth, such as your tongue and gums. Time is of the essence after facial or dental trauma, and if you are able to act swiftly, your dentist may be able to help save any avulsed teeth. 

Dental reconstruction after a car accident can not only help to restore your mouth’s functionality, but also help restore your aesthetic and overall appearance. Journal Square Dental has been helping our local New Jersey community with their dental needs, emergencies, and other related cosmetic and restorative interests for over a quarter of a century now and would love to do the same for you. 

Common Reasons for Dental Reconstruction After a Car Accident

There are many potential reasons for needing dental reconstruction after a car accident, including the following common injuries:

Damaged Teeth

A car accident, depending on the severity, can damage your teeth in many ways, including:

  • Avulsion (knocked out)
  • Cracking or chipping
  • Luxation (shifted)

Your dentist will immediately assess the situation and begin working on restoring your teeth to their natural place and alignment. Avulsed teeth can occasionally be restored, but it depends on their status and the length of time between the accident and your emergency dental visit. Luxated teeth will be shifted, realigned to their natural spot, and held in place with a periodontal splint to help them regain their strength. Cracked or chipped teeth may be fixed with onlays or dental crowns. 

Injury to Soft Tissue

A car accident may see your teeth piercing the soft tissue of your mouth, like your gum and tongue. Your dentist can help suture up any minor tears or lacerations in your gum to help stop any bleeding and aid in the healing process. The soft tissue of your mouth heals relatively quickly, and with the help of a professional dentist, you can expedite this process and help to relieve your mouth of some discomfort. 

Bone Injury

When an airbag is deployed, it is often saving you from major brain damage or injury. In the process, however, you may experience facial trauma in the form of a bone injury. This can include broken cheekbones or jawbones. Your dentist will perform a thorough examination, including X-rays, to determine the extent of your bone injury and help devise a unique plan of treatment for your injuries immediately. This may involve the external help of an oral or maxillofacial surgeon. 


TMJD, also known as temporomandibular joint disorder, is a jaw-related disorder that can cause severe jaw pain, a clicking or popping noise when you bite, chew, or speak, headaches, and even lockjaw. TMJD can also occur in patients who have not been in an accident before, but your car accident may worsen your condition or even cause it. 

Your dentist can help prescribe anti-inflammatories, design a night guard, and perform other plans of specific treatment to relieve discomfort and address any swelling. 

Injured Your Mouth After a Car Accident? Our Team of Dental Professionals Can Help

Journal Square Dental is a dental firm you can trust with even the trickiest of oral injuries and dental reconstruction needs. Your smile and overall oral health is our top priority. Dr. Haig Rickerby and staff are here to relieve the inherent stress and overwhelming nature of needing restorative dental work done by providing cost-effective, personalized, and compassionate services. 

To begin the process today with a thorough examination and consultation, please give us a call at (201) 431-0288 or use our online contact form.