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Implant Dentistry in Jersey City, NJ

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Implants Can Help Patients Restore An Attractive, Functional Smile

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Implant Services Available at Journal Square Dental

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Different Types of Implants Available in Jersey City

Even those who take great care of their teeth are susceptible to needing an implant. Everyone’s teeth are different, and some people are more prone to infection or tooth loss than others. No matter the reason for your dental implant, the team of oral health professionals at Journal Square Dental is here to help. We are proud to offer the following different types of dental implants to patients:

Implant-Supported Restoration 

As opposed to dentures, which are temporary fixtures meant to help fill in a gap of missing teeth, implant-supported restorations are a permanent fix to a tooth that has been shaved down or extracted. These implants allow you to resume life as normal, incorporating regular chewing, speaking, and maintenance techniques. 

When you receive an implant, you are not only doing so for aesthetic reasons. Implants also help restore the natural function of your mouth and face. Without a tooth in place, your sinuses can begin to sag and your other teeth can begin to shift. 

Dental Crown

A dental crown is used for cases where the whole tooth was extracted due to extreme rot or infection. Once the gum has healed and any other necessary procedures have been completed, your dentist will help fit you for a dental crown. 

It is imperative you receive your dental crown as possible to prevent further rot or infection in your mouth. Similar to other dental implants, a crown will help restore the natural look and function of your mouth and face. 

How a Dentist Can Help

If you are currently navigating a painful bite or you think you may have a tooth infection, it’s vital you address your concerns with a certified dentist immediately. We recognize it can be scary and stressful to potentially need professional procedures done on your mouth, but the longer you wait, the worse it will often get. 

A dentist can help give you a thorough examination and conduct exactly what needs to be done in a quick and painless manner. Your dentist will also assist with the following:

Implant Prep

Not everyone is an immediate ideal candidate for a dental implant. Often, by the time you are visiting your oral health professional, there are many steps that need to be taken before the actual implant procedure can be conducted. These can include a proper examination, x-rays, a root canal, extraction, sinus augmentation, or bone grafting. Bone grafting is done when you have lost a substantial amount of jawbone due to infection or rot. This simple procedure helps to rebuild your bone structure and creates a sturdy home for your new implant to live on. 

Once you have been deemed a good candidate for an implant, your Jersey City dentist can help talk you through the various options available and which one they believe would be the most beneficial for you. 

Implant Maintenance

One of the numerous perks of a dental implant is the ability to fully treat it like a real, permanent tooth. This includes brushing, flossing, and maintaining it like one as well. Your dentist can help you establish a proper cleaning schedule to ensure your implant never needs to be replaced or tinkered with again. 

This schedule may be more frequent in the early stages of your implant and then expand to a regular cleaning schedule. 

Speak With an Oral Health Professional Today at Journal Square Dental

Journal Square Dental has happily serviced our patients’ general and restorative needs for over 25 years now and would love to do the same for you. Our patient-first approach to the world of oral health care means you have a team of supportive experts by your side the entire time, from the initial consultation to the implant procedure. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer caring, fast, and painless tooth maintenance. 

To see how we can best help you today, please feel free to give our Jersey City office a call at (201) 431-0288 or use our online contact form

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